Worth trying to give better incentives on SolanaHub?

In my search for other incentives and how to get more SOL staked in Marinade

Is it worth exploring this through direct incentive program with Solana Hub?

Just learned that the points multiplier will be higher in a few weeks when the Marinade cap limit on stakes is removed

Still an opportunity to explore growing together

Thanks for sharing! The SolanaHub Loyalty League has been running for two months now, and it’s been incredibly successful and so far distribute more than 300 SOL to stakers(directly to their wallets!).

Users are recognizing its value, and the program is working so effectively that SolanaHub’s stake size has surged from 200,000 to over 500,000 in just 30 days.

The current revenue-sharing model introduces a fresh approach to incentivizing stakers.
It’s not just about increasing yields; it’s about empowering users to learn and become more sophisticated Solana users.

To learn more about the Loyalty League program, visit: Loyalty League - SolanaHub


I am in favor of no MNDE caps and a 50/50 directed stake split (25 MNDE/25mSOL directed)

Given the success of Solana Hub I’m really surprised more validators haven’t installed a similar campaign especially given how many MNDE holders there are now after Earn Szn 1