Unstake has failed

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me. I am trying to unstake my mSOL as I did several time in the past.

Unfortunately, I made several attempts (both delayed and instant unstake) in the last 24 hours but it always failed, once I confirmed the transaction and filled up my coinbase wallet password, I get the message Unstake has failed.


hey there, you can get assistance in the Marinade discord. open a support ticket and do not accept any DMs from people saying they are mods.

Hi dear,

I am having exactly the same problem with unstaking my msol in okx wallet. I have tried everything, nothing seems to be working.


If you are using your coinbase wallet the best thing to do is moving it to Phantom wallet or Solflare. You can do this by entering your recovery phrase in one the previously named wallets.

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