Title: Introducing a Points System for MNDE Distribution in Marinade Season 2


Hello Marinade community! As we embark on Season 2, I’m excited to propose a new way to distribute MNDE tokens. Our goal is simple: boost participation on our platform and strengthen decentralization, while keeping the value of MNDE stable.

Proposal: Points-Based System

  • Earn Points: Users get points by using Marinade - like staking SOL for mSOL and participating in DeFi activities with mSOL.
  • Extra for Decentralization: Earn more points by helping decentralize the network. This means things like staking with smaller validators or in different geographical locations.
  • Leaderboard Fun: Let’s have a leaderboard! See where you stand among others in earning points.
  • Get MNDE: Points lead to MNDE rewards. We’ll give these out without saying how much upfront, to keep things fair and stable.

Why This Is Great

  • More Activity, More Fun: It makes using Marinade more engaging and rewarding.
  • Stronger Network: By encouraging decentralization, we’re making our network more robust and resilient.
  • Fair MNDE Distribution: This system helps us spread out MNDE fairly, based on how much you participate and contribute.

Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear what you all think. Any ideas or suggestions to make this even better?

Points are obviously big lately and seem to have mixed results. in some cases it doesn’t seem like the points matter so much, or they drag on long or change and upset users. It’s an interesting idea but I’d like to see it fleshed out a little more like if there is a particular platform we’d use for it and how marinade would differentiate itself in some way from the meme.

There are definitely pros and cons to how Marinade has been very straightforward with its rewards

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