Tips to achieve support and quorum on your proposal

Hi Chefs, we recently had our first proposal from the community that was put to a vote and didn’t meet quorum (7M MNDE). Personally I’d rather see votes pass or fail with a lot of engagement than not receive enough activity to meet quorum. So I wanted to provide a few tips on how to make sure your proposal does get the attention of the whole kitchen universe.

  1. There is an art to writing a proposal that is very tight and detailed vs. too long or not detailed enough. Using this Governance Proposal template is a good way to frame your points effectively. Keep in mind that a proposal that focuses on one topic is much more likely to get votes and support than a complicated one that combines numerous things. It doesn’t hurt to offer to share a draft with @PlayerOfBits or other Master Chefs to get their feedback on how it might be improved, too.

  2. If you write a proposal, it is going to be up to you to promote it and make sure it is considered. Not everyone has auto alerts set up for the forum. You will want to share the topic in #governance chat and on twitter or other relevant channels. Ideally, if you know Chefs or other protocols who may directly benefit from your proposal, get it in their face and get them to evangelize on your behalf. You can be shameless on Twitter and use $MNDE, $mSOL #Governoooor and @marinadefinance tags to get noticed in search, too.

You will also want to be sure to alert the whole world when the vote is sent on chain. The vote that didn’t meet quorum did not seem to alert anyone the vote was on chain. - Voting turnout can be low on weekends. Ideally set up the vote on chain on a Sunday so it is live 24 hours later on Monday and has the week to be voted on.

  1. In the case of asking for grants, you will for sure want to take the temperature of the grant committee (finalizing members now) who will also endorse or reject your project and drum up Chefs support for it. Provide details and quantifiable numbers and estimates. When you’re asking for $$, the onus is on you to make an offer the Chefs can’t refuse.

Proposals submitted by the community and not the core team have generated some of the highest voter turnouts so far in the history of mDAO. So it’s absolutely possible to get your proposal quorum and passed. I invite any Chefs who have seen their proposals pass to share additional tips or insight on why they think they received support.

Godspeed Governooors,


Thanks @btuck! Pinning this to the Governance section to make sure people see it.

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