[mDAO proposal] Add mSOL liquidity gauge for Hubble

Hey Chefs, this is Vik from Hubble Protocol

I’d like to propose the addition of a liquidity gauge for Hubble Protocol. The scope would be that mSOL holders could take USDH loans using mSOL as collateral, and assuming certain eligibility criteria such as min LTV, would then receive MNDE accrued by the gauge.

In our opinion this is a great utility case for mSOL, making it more productive than merely holding. Striving to provide more utility for mSOL holders, combining Solana’s native stablecoin protocol together with Solana’s leading liquid staking protocol is a great combination!

Happy to engage in discussions and to answer questions if there are any :slight_smile:


I’m in favor of a Hubble gauge. Collateral is a great use case for mSOL. Hubble is a bit different from other platforms in that you mint a stablecoin instead of loop mSOL/SOL, so there is some added liquidation risk there if you’re not smart, but I do like the idea of supporting decentralized stables native to the ecosystem.

It would also be good to market and incentivize further to anyone supplying SOL instead of mSOL in Hubble too because this is a time when it’s really a no brainer to do so.

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Just wanted to come voice my support for this. As a long time user of Hubble, I was hoping to see this one day. I think it’s another great use case for mSOL.

Hello, we have been able to discuss this topic with Hubble’s team and will not proceed to open a gauge.