Marinade DAO Code of Conduct

As a follow up to the Constitution post, Marinade would also like to publish a Code of Conduct that serves as a guide for both core contributors and all Chefs who participate in our various channels.

Here is the first draft of the Code of Conduct and your feedback is welcome. Thank you!

Marinade DAO Code of Conduct

Please read Marinade’s Code of Conduct, a relevant document for all communications and actions related to the mDAO. This applies to its Discord server, the mDAO Forum, and elsewhere (Reddit, Twitter, etc.) including any new channels created in the future. You may refer to the Marinade Constitution on the forum for the first draft of the guiding principles of Marinade governance.

Why Marinade has a Code of Conduct

Marinade was born out of the community as a public good and aims to be a safe and inclusive place for people from all over the world and all walks of life to enter and prosper in crypto with the encouragement of one another. Marinade welcomes diverse viewpoints into the community so long as the engagement is constructive and positive.

While voting in the DAO is on-chain and permissionless, that doesn’t mean any MNDE holder has the right to behave without consequence.

The Marinade Kitchen Code of Conduct Pledge

Marinade seeks to be the change we want to see in the world as part of the next big invention of humanity since the internet: democratizing finances and inventing a whole new way for how people cooperate for generations to follow.

Contributors (Chefs) at Marinade seek to be authentic with one another on the journey together to bring decentralized prosperity and full asset utilization to Solana. We show respect to everyone and treat all Chefs’ viewpoints seriously. Chefs deal with adversity or difficult questions directly and thoughtfully, never by attacking or marginalizing anyone. Marinade is truly a global organization where anyone from any background should feel welcome and never threatened or belittled because of any belief or idea.

Examples of proper conduct:

  • Learning to understand the perspective of members you disagree with.
  • Disagreeing and countering arguments with other members in a respectful and fact-based way
  • Accepting constructive feedback on proposals or ideas
  • Warning a user who mentions a suspicious project
  • Thinking about what is best for the mDAO over your gain.
  • Sharing funny memes but not offensive or discriminatory to any person or group.

Examples of poor conduct:

  • Using profanity on any Marinade platform, including towards others on Twitter or Reddit.
  • Use of any sexual words or imagery toward another member
  • Harassment of another member in public or private.
  • Using deceit or misinformation to persuade others
  • Speculating or making assumptions publicly about another Chef based on other communities they may be a part of.
  • Sharing a meme that is hurtful to a type of person

Enforcement responsibilities

Core contributors, including moderators at Marinade with access to platform admin rights, must work swiftly and correctly to suspend or ban members who violate these values.

Remember that voting is permissionless, but a member’s ability to promote any votes will be affected by having their accounts in other community platforms suspended or banned.

  1. Correction: If unwelcome behavior is used in the community, moderation or core team members may correct them in private or public and ask them to apologize or edit this offense.
  2. Warning: If a user violates the code of conduct once, they will be warned by the moderation or core team and may be asked to apologize.
  3. Suspension: A user will be suspended if they demonstrate a severe violation of behavior or string of behaviors. The core or moderation team will determine how long the ban will be enforced.
  4. Ban: Users who demonstrate a pattern of behavior against the code of conduct will be banned irreversibly from participation in all Marinade channels.

Marinade moderators (and the entire core contribution team) must suspend or permanently ban members from Discord, the forum, or any other platform they control if a member violates these rules.

Reporting violations

To report violations to the Code of Conduct, please report a ticket to support in Marinade Discord.


This Code of Conduct is adapted from the Contributor Covenant 3. Community Impact Guidelines were inspired by Mozilla’s code of conduct enforcement ladder 1, And Pool Together’s Code of Conduct.


really appreciate that Marinade DAO has a Code of Conduct. Its not just about simple rules to not spam in chat, be respectful and patient to wait for the answer. Its more about inclusivity for every user, who want to take part in contribution, to educate and learn the Marinade DAO itself for adding value and not only being active

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