Liquidity Pool mSOL-SOL

How do you get or claim your earned interest in liquidity pool mSOL-SOL? At the moment there is an APR of 96.96%. The value of what I put in the pool is unchanged.
How do you get the interest? Is not per day, is it per month or what? I didn’t find any document with the statement. Anybody can help? Best regards!


I’d like to +1 this exact question. I’m reasonably familiar with LP’s but cannot for the life of me see where the 96% is rewarded? I’ve been in about 5 days now… so keen to get a steer please as by 10sol LP is still just 10sol when I preview an withdraw and i get various options of 1.2 x mSol + SOL = 10sol still. Thanks


I read the documentation and basically it explains that the rewards in the liquidity pool are made up of a share of fees generated by people who unstake instantly and need the liquidity to do so. It’s not an interest rate as such. So - more activity = more return and with Solana ripping I thought it was worth trying. So I provided 1000 Solana for liquidity and after a week or so - no rewards at all. After removing the tokens from the pool I received mSOL and SOL and once the mSOL was converted to SOL I was back with my initial investment exactly - nothing added at all. I’d be happy to provide liquidity as i don’t intend selling my SOL for about 18 months if someone from the Marinade Team could explain how and when the rewards are paid?


but how 99% APY is counting and where is it? And i see TVL is decreasing for last few days Supply SOL liquidity to Marinade
I don’t want to believe this, but it looks a lot like manipulation
What a team thinks about it?


I see no reason to provide liquidty if there is no increase in mSol-Sol LP as a reward. Sounds dodgey as hell to me …and i;ve been around a while

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I tok away my staked SOL from liquidity pool. I didn’t get any cent interest despite the 99% APR. What a shame!

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Yup, I removed all of mine as well. Shame…no one could reply. I read somewhere that the price of mSol is supposed to increase in value… but it doesnt seem to and seems unsustainable. I would have expected incremental rewards on the sol-msol LP token. Shame. I’ll find another LP in the ecosystem.

Hello, please make sure you read the documentation of the pool before anything else…

The APY displayed on this page is clearly stated as being an average of the past 30 days, which conveys absolutely no guarantee that the yield in the future will be similar (but is, unfortunately, the best estimate you can have for the future performance of the pool).

The way to claim the accumulated rewards is by removing your liquidity from the pool and exchanging your LPs back for SOL and mSOL. At that point, you’ll get back your initial liquidity and any accumulated fees. You are guaranteed to get the same amount of SOL and the accumulated fees (when converting the mSOL to SOL, obviously).

You can follow the daily APY of the pool on the stats page, and every user of the pool has been receiving their share of the fees over the last weeks. Nonetheless, if you deposited a few days ago, you indeed haven’t experienced a 9x% APY but the average APY of this pool over those days.

If you still think that there is an issue and you did not accumulate anything, please open a ticket on the Discord server.

your APY now is 97%
you want to say that if i deposited 100 sol a month ago i would get today 100+100*0.97/12=108 sol ?

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So popped back to see if there was a reply. I did read the documentation and my understanding was exactly what you said. However, both myself and the previous poster experienced:

  • Convert SOL to LP (in my case a 10 SOL test as had a lot on the sidelines)
  • Received something like 7.28 LP SOL-mSOL tokens
  • Waited about a week
  • Gave up and ‘cashed in’
  • Received a set of SOL and mSOL back
  • Converted the mSOL back to SOL
  • Received something like 9.99 SOL in total back

So my question stands. Was the mSOL supposed to go up in value over this period based on the daily APY and with agreement the 96% or more was based on the last 30days. Is that how the APY is supposed to be achieved. Because now… 17 days after the initial post… the mSOL price on the stats page is still 1.15xxx SOL. So… i just dont get where the liquidity providers are supposed to get this APY or anything even close to it.
Note: I assume the APY is based on a SOL APY and not a USD valuation of the APY

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If you’ve converted the mSOL to SOL instantly, you have paid a small fee for this conversion, as this transaction went through Jupiter and a liquidity pool.

This fee could potentially offset the week of rewards you had, so I would recommend doing this test using delayed unstake, which will give you 100% of the value of the mSOL without any fee.

Your assumption is correct, the APY is based on SOL and not on USD. If you acquired 1 mSOL-SOL LP on January 2nd, you deposited 1.2110 SOL in the pool (see screenshot). If you withdrew this 1 mSOL-SOL LP on January 9th, you would have gotten back 1.21268 SOL.

This is how the pool works and how rewards are accrued. I’ll remind one last time that 96% was the average APY over the last 30 days, which doesn’t guarantee in any way that future performance will be similar.


the point is that you show incorrect APY Supply SOL liquidity to Marinade
I’ve already calculated the real APY for past month and it is 3.4 % but NOT 97%
If you want to say that there is an unstake fee then how to calculate it?
The doc Unstake Liquidity Pool - Marinade.Finance says

unstake_fee = max_fee - (max_fee - min_fee) * amount_after / target

where max_fee =9%, min_fee=0.1%, target=56,000 SOL (?), amount_after = ???
Example: i staked 100 sol a month ago, what unstake fee is today and how much i will get if your APY=97%?