Increasing Governance Participation and Delegate Incentives

This is a continuation of the tokenomics review that Dean’s List has been working on

For Governance Participation - there are 2 types of participation

Proposal creation: The ability to create a proposal. This is dictated by the proposal threshold on a governance. These kinds of proposals can include polling proposals, transfer of tokens, and program upgrades. This would also include incentives to propose and incentives to delegate to proposers

Voting: The ability to vote. This would also include incentives to vote and incentives to delegate

On Proposals

There are currently 17 governances in the Marinade DAO

The ones that control programs should be exclusively available to council token holders (at least until there is no more council) This council should be predominantly the developers who are writing the upgrades themselves.

It is my recommendation that these 2 governances below that control programs need to be adjusted

Marinade Voter Stake Registry Program- 2w6ny74cU6yRxkD6ZACh5M1JznLQ1KB6AUsB7zo2NBHX

Current Proposal Threshold is 1,000,000 MNDE

This should be changed and set to council vote only

Marinade Governance Program

  • 6egAu2HDLcSgeUYmiBvNLgp7Bd4nPk16gX9MvWuJpeX2

Current Proposal Threshold is 1,000,000 MNDE

This should be changed and set to council vote only

The 2 governances referenced below are the ones that currently have proposal thresholds using community tokens (MNDE).

To increase participation, it is my recommendation that holders should be able to (and encouraged) to use their token to propose polling votes and token transfers. The token transfers would be for proposals the community ideates and can action on without the aid of the council

Marinade Opinion Voting Wallet - 23xVZXQrHAZ4rm4nWKAM5eTLeUFmstbs42KF21PA4Ayo

Current Proposal Threshold is 200,000 MNDE

Because this governance controls no asset, it would be better to reduce the threshold considerably. Aiming for a USD price of $1,000 you put the cost to a threshold similar to that of Mango. Even in Mango DAO, with a considerably lower threshold, there are not alot of proposals, but there are definetely more than in Marinade. This would serve to encourage the holders to start participating more in gathering sentiment and the threshold is still high enough to require some sort of skin in the game. It doesnt need to be $1,000 worth, it can be more, but it should be an amount that encourages community to participate in governance

Marinade MNDE Treasury Vault - 8z6A4qSfL9FFvwX12zqt6HrbzaWthGUqBe4czCn9iXtq

Current Proposal Threshold is 200,000 MNDE

Because this governance controls an asset, thresholds are more important to consider, but still can be reduced

It is my recommendation to make a separate governance and put in an amount of MNDE that would be used by the community for community initiatives. This way the threshold can be safely lower on the new governance, and it creates another avenue for governance participation through proposals

660M MNDE is currently in this governance


With the VSR rewards program, holders with tokens locked in governance will earn MNDE. This step will surely see an increase in deposited MNDE. The rewards program can be tweaked to give more rewards based on voter activity – this would also help to increase involvement and voting

If that step were taken, then there would be a great incentive for professional delegatees to emerge. These would be people who are constantly voting and considered good opinion leaders in the community. Their incentive would be driven from a portion of the rewards their delegators are entitled to. Delegators would choose to delegate because they want to make sure they receive a higher reward


I would recommend taking the amount of MNDE meant for governance incentives and split them into the following groups. Eligibility for rewards requires tokens locked for the next epoch.

  • 20% to proposals created during the epoch
  • 40% to proposals created that passed during the epoch
  • 10% to tokens locked during the epoch
  • 30% to tokens locked and voting during the epoch

Rewards are given as locked tokens for the next epoch

More ideas to explore

DAO2DAO voting incentives - this can be a significant lift to participation and marketing.
Directed stake - this can be one of the inputs for rewarding governance incentives. The more stake you direct, the more locked MNDE you receive


Like the part analyzing the different governances and changing the limits there. I’m not sure I follow on governance incentives, why should the dao spend incentives on people voting? this feels pretty wasteful.

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