How to use our Forum


This is the Marinade forum, created to welcome all the long-term discussions that will shape the future of Marinade protocol. If you want to contribute to those discussions anonymously, please be aware that ProtonMail allows you to create an anonymous email address to register.

This forum is aimed at reaching everyone in the space, whether they are an active user of Marinade or not. Marinade believes that collective intelligence is best suited to answer to wide problematics such as governance, utility, the creation of a functional DAO, etc.

For this reason, you do not need to be a MNDE holder in order to participate here. Nonetheless, the discussions led here will often lead to on-chain voting (as soon as the tools are available) where MNDE holders will have the final say.

If you enjoy reading our discussions and contributing to them, please consider acquiring MNDE and joining our DAO.

Useful information:

Grafana board

Why create a topic:

  • You want to build something for/in Marinade.
  • You want to bring up a Marinade governance related topic.
  • You want to suggest a parameter modification for the Marinade protocol (fees, delegation strategy, etc.).
  • Anything you deem worthy of discussion with the whole Marinade community.