[Grant request] Marinade terminal

Hello Marinade DAO,

While working on Solend’s own integration of Marinade’s SDK, the Marinade contributors team shared with us the desire to see a Marinade terminal built for anyone to be able to use Marinade’s functionalities, similar to what Jupiter did with its own Jupiter terminal (https://terminal.jup.ag/ for reference).

Given that the Solend team recently integrated with Marinade’s SDK for stake account conversion and has the possibility to expand the scope of this project to create the Marinade terminal, we would like to submit a grant request to build it.

Grant details

We are suggesting the following terms:

  • Solend will build a Marinade Terminal that fits the specs provided by Marinade and allow people to add Marinade’s functionalities to their website or dapp under the form of a widget, a modal or a direct integration.
  • The code will be open-sourced and delivered to Marinade at the end of the project.
  • We estimate this project to take 2 to 3 weeks

For this project, Solend would like to ask a payment of 200k MNDE, paid entirely on project completion. As per the grant’s rule, the MNDE can be distributed in a locked form.



I believe that a Marinade terminal helping anyone integrate Marinade’s functionalities as well as take advantage of the recently released Directed stake would be an extremely good addition to Marinade and fully support this grant request


100% agree with Cerba. Anyhow we need to be clear with the scope: @nope what hat actions will be available for the user in the Marinade terminal?

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Thanks @nope!

This is exactly the type of project the grants program should be funding IMO. Very interested to learn more.

For starters:

  1. Will you require any other support from mDAO to complete the build?

  2. Who will be responsible for maintaining the terminal and the repo once completed?

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scope includes

  • ability to generate snippets for a modal, integrated, or widget.
  • enable or disable ability to selected directed stake as well as pre-selected a directed stake vote account
  • ability to add a referral code
  • ability to select color pallet for widget (with default settings for a light or dark mode)
  • UI to configure the above
  1. we have had some back and forth over designs and scope already, might be a questions as we progress though.

  2. the code will be made open sourced and I believe marinade would want to be the one to host it (so it is under the marinade domain). however if there are issues we should still be available to help.


The grant committee talked this over and based on some previous learnings from the grant structure we’d like to propose the following:

100k MNDE delivered upon the initial prototype. This is when the Marinade team will review the framework so far to make sure everything is on the right path, and then deliver the additional 100k upon successful delivery.

We think this is the best chance to get a sound product in the end that is market ready. How does this sound?

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sure that works, don’t mind just getting paid at the end though.

Awesome! Let’s do it. :handshake:

This grant has been completed by @nope and team and the payout will be sent soon. Marinade’s growth team will now work to get this installed across the ecosystem wherever locked SOL may be found. Thanks again,

b tuck