[Grant proposal] Solana Snapshots by Sonder



Marinade recently expressed the need to build a Solana Snapshot product (https://marinade.notion.site/Solana-Snapshots-94142f1ef1014067a5467a63e4ad3f34) that would allow them to build on top of it.

After having discussed with the Marinade team and confirming the final objective of this product and the technical specifications, the Sonder team feels confident that it can produce what’s needed.

Grant details

To produce the work requested, we would ask for a grant of 130k MNDE, with an estimated completion time of 6 weeks. The payment would be split between 50k MNDE and 80k MNDE locked in Chef NFTs (for a duration of 30 days). There would be no conditions on when to sell those tokens. This amount was calculated based on the work of 2 developers on this task, for a duration of 5 to 6 weeks.

The unlock rules would be:

30k MNDE (locked) - Initial payment.

50k MNDE (locked) - Working PoC that Marinade validates.

50k MNDE (unlocked) - Completion of the project and all deliverables sent to Marinade.

The deliverables are:

  • Open source code for
    • Solana snapshot system that can be relied on, running once per day.
    • Transferring this data to a SQLite database and being able to parse it
    • Plug-in allowing the specific mSOL use case needed.
  • A docker file that can be used to build a container with the solution included inside.

The output of those will be compatible with Marinade backend services and will allow any additional plug-ins to be developed for other use cases of this database.

Why us?

Sonder is already experienced in obtaining, parsing, and analyzing blockchain data and has already worked on some parts of the system needed to accomplish what Marinade wants.

We have at our disposal experienced developers and can guarantee the output will fulfill the grant requirements.

Thanks for reading, we hope that the grant committee will greenlight this and that we can start working on this project ASAP!

For any questions feel free to reach me on Twitter @radobulat

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Any examples of your best work?

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Sure, the last few projects other than Sonder.wtf we were working on Neoland.io, Vybe


FYI: This grant was approved. Sonder you’ve green light


Hello, this grant has been completely paid to Sonder as of today!
Thank you for working on this with us.

Thank you @Cerba & Marinade for your cooperation and trust. Received the grant. Thanks!