Grant proposal - mSOL->SOL routes data

Hello everyone,

As Marinade wants to give more attention to the Liquid Unstake pool model and try new models to optimize its efficiency, the team is in need of data to explore different models in the best possible way.

After discussing with our Grant committee, they have agreed to put out a grant for the following dataset:

  • All mSOL → SOL transfers over the last 30 days and 60 days;
  • Grouped by distribution by tranches (1-10 mSOL / 10 - 100 mSOL / 100 - 1000 mSOL / 1k - 2k mSOL / 2k - 4k mSOL / 4k -6k mSOL / 6k - 10k mSOL / 10k+ mSOL) ;
  • Per epoch, per bracket average price, preferably;
  • With the variance between prices for the epoch/bracket.

The goal of this dataset being to analyze the average price obtained on mSOL->SOL routes depending on the amount size, and where the liquid unstake pool could be used more efficiently.
The dataset will be presented under the form of a dashboard, either on Flipside, Dune or any other analytics service.

The budget allocated to this grant is 20,000 MNDE, distributed in a Chef NFT on completion.

If you’re an analyst, feel free to raise your hands below! We’ll leave a few days for potential participants to offer their services and the Grant committee will attribute the grant to someone at the end of the week.

Thank you everyone and have a great week!


Hey guys, this is Enzo, one of the cofounders of . We just saw this grant proposal, and realized this fits our analytics as a service offering (called HawkAI) we’ve recently been rolling out.

We’d love to partner on this! We do think that we’ll be a perfect fit for this given our extensive experience integrating tech across the Solana DeFi ecosystem on both the smart contract execution side, and the analytics side.

In addition, my team and I are very much familiar with how the Flipside data warehouse works, with me being one of the early contributors and members of Flipside’s elite “Cantina” group.

As an added show of qualification, here are a few quick charts that I was able to derive through a combination of quick Flipside queries, and python magic in the few minutes since I saw this proposal :grin:


Thanks a lot Enzo!
We’ll wait until the end of the week to give a chance to other analysts to offer their services but what you already came up with looks interesting already :smiley:

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I would be happy to vouch for @hawkenzo’s proficiency and his ability to deliver a complete and thoughtful analysis here.

Thank you for your interest!


Hi @hawkenzo The Grant Committee has approved this grant request and you may begin work on it. Thanks so much and looking forward to the results!

cc @luciotato @dobby


Awesome news and thank you for the trust! Will coordinate w ya’ll separately

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Hi everyone @luciotato @dobby @btuck :smiley:

Please find below our submission for the above grant. This includes versions of each chart to include pure marinade “unstake liquidity” routes (left), and all mSOL swap routes (right).

Thanks very much


good idea, team, to reward not only Marinade contributors, but attract other professionals as well. wish to have such skill set to help u. great work, keep pushing!