[Grant proposal] Marinade Alerts

Hello everyone! We are publishing a grant request to provide analytics for Marinade Finance.

Grant Title:

Marinade Finance Alerts (Analytics)



About You:

We are a group of developers who would like to build a social media alert bot that provides daily analytics on Marinade Finance. We have been granted by Velas Blockchain and Redlight Chain to deploy protocols on their ecosystem in the past, and won a recent hackathon in Paris. We have worked with Velodrome for analytics as well.

Tech Stack:
Backend: Python
Frontend: Vue JS\Typescript

Additional Links:

Website: https://twitter.com/VelodromeAlerts

Grant Description:

Our objective is to design and implement a dynamic Twitter bot that delivers real-time alerts and notifications for new reward opportunities, TVL updates, new markets, key trends, price and volume alerts, votes, and other essential events within the Marinade ecosystem. If the proposal is accepted, we will post a new topic asking for which data we will gather and display to make sure the DAO is actively involved. The main goal of this grant is keeping users informed and engaged about Marinade data, our bot aims to empower individuals and foster active participation within the DeFi community.


To pay for servers and developers upfront, we are requesting 40K $MNDE if the grant is approved by the DAO. We are confortable with doxxing to contributors.

Milestone 1

First version of the bot is live for the community and contributors to give feedbacks and to test the product. The beta will be available within a few weeks, and the paiement will be half of the grant funding remaining (55K $MNDE).

Milestone 2

With the feedbacks from the Marinade community and contributors, we will develop and publish a final product on the official twitter account @MarinadeAlerts. All bugs will be fixed and we are committed to adding features as Marinade grows. The final version will be live within a month, and the paiement will be half of the grant funding remaining (55K $MNDE).

Funding Request:

For developing and publishing a bot covering Marinade analytics, our group of 5 developers will work on the project. To pay developers during this time and mostly to keep the bot active for years after project completion, we would like to request a total of 150K $MNDE.


Alex from Marinade kindly suggested us to post our proposal in the forum


Hello and thanks for this suggestion,
I have a few questions/points for you:

  • You mention a full payment as soon as the bot is developed, but one of the reasons behind asking for this amount is that you promise you’ll maintain it for years. I would spread the payments over the years to be consistent with this objective.

  • You just mention “a bot with real-time alerts and notifications” but you do not give any detail on those. What metrics will you be tracking? Can you track everything? Did you do any analysis to see what metrics would be interesting in the context of Marinade? A grant request needs to describe in details what you’d be building, not just an idea.

Finally, I believe that this request is a bit too big for this project considering what would be the outcome, especially if we account for the fact that you already made such bots in the past.


@web3analytics Do you have another reference beyond Velodrome? I think it’s an exciting grant to look into @Cerba starting in Q3

Thank you for your feedback @Cerba !

  • We appreciate the suggestion to spread the payments over the years for consistent maintenance. However, it is important to note that ongoing development requires financial resources, including compensating our developers so we would need still a part of the budget.

  • Regarding the bot’s details, we can track a wide range of metrics based on Marinade’s specific needs, such as TVL, trading volume, liquidity provider activity, token price, and user engagement (more users in a specific range of time, more volume), governance updates (a proposal on the forum with significant activity for example). We are very open to ask the community for which type of data to be sourced to make sure the bot fits everyone’s expectation and is as efficient as possible.

Our request aims to provide a solution that meets Marinade’s requirements. We are open to further discussions to address any concerns and tailor the proposal to ensure mutual satisfaction.

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Thank you for the reply @repe, our team has a strong background in deploying protocols and participating in hackathons. We have been granted by Velas Blockchain (https://velasdomains.com/) and Redlight Chain (Announcing #Redtag, the Next-Generation Web3 ID | Redlight Finance) in the last six months and won the latest hackathon in Paris. We are okay with doxxing to contributors.

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Thanks for the answer!

We can definitely structure the grant so that you would be able to compensate your developers and keep a smaller part of the grant to be released later for maintaining the product in the future.

Let me get back to you shortly to set up a call and discuss this more.

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Thank you @Cerba, looking forward to discuss this further!

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