[Grant proposal] Directed Stake dashboard extended

GM Marinade team,

I’m Avaulto, a validator who’s been backing Marinade for quite a while now, and they’ve had my back too! You might already know that Marinade’s stakepool is influenced by mSOL Directed stake at 20% and MNDE Directed stake at 20%.

As a validator, it’s crucial to know who’s voting for you and how much stake is coming in from your supporters. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created a dashboard for myself and all of you. This dashboard spills the beans on mSOL directed stake, and you can check it out here: Solana LST direct stake dashboard

Now, I’m putting in a request for an MNDE grant from Marinade. The plan is to jazz up this dashboard to cover MNDE directed stakes too. This way, validators can get all the scoop on directed stake data in one spot. Plus, I’m ready to take care of and keep this dashboard up and running for at least a year, plus I’ll make the code open source.

Grant terms:

  • 10k MNDE at the start of development
  • 13k MNDE when the dashboard is live

The dashboard will include:

  • Add veMNDE votes stake power breakdown
  • Add veMNDE stake ratio
  • Add a checkbox to segment view between mSOL direct stake and veMNDE vote power
  • A list of all validators receiving MNDE directed staked, and for each of them a list of all wallets and associated MNDE power.
    This list will also show how much SOL is being directed to this validator overall because of MNDE votes.
  • Add historical overview for both veMNDE and mSOL direct stake

This dashboard is a need that has already been expressed by multiple validators and that would bring additional visibility and transparency to MNDE & msol directed stake.

I strongly believe that it is needed and missing at the moment


Adding veMNDE related info into sayori.link should be trivial.
Disclosure: I own that website.

Very much in support of this. Since the migration to Realms it’s hard to see the stats for veMNDE voting. Thanks for submitting! Will make sure the grant committee is aware of this.

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+1 here, looks like an excellent proposal

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Thank you, everyone!

It’s ready! I am pleased to introduce the new LST dashboard for Marinade Direct Stake at https://lst-ds-dashboard.avaulto.com/.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!