[Draft Proposal] MarinadeNative Stake Delegation Recovery


Gm MarinadeDAO,

I am the founder of Shaga (x.com), started with the hyperdrive hackathon depin win and now trying to bring Solana to every gaming pc and gamer, to contribute in increasing demand drivers for sol and our stakes.

I’ve been a staker with marinade since mSOL and I’ve probably been among the first 30k SOL in marinade native, definitely in the first 100k SOL. I currently have 28k SOL staked with Marinade Native.

Now, the reason for this proposal is the following:
While I was in the Solana Incubator in New York, my mom has thrown out my seed phrases, I’ve now lost access to my withdrawal keys and can’t move funds, the only way for me to access some funds is asking you, MarinadeDAO, to use the delegation key and delegate my stake to Brian Long’s private validator, TritonOne’s Brian Long, since this would allow me to at least get access to staking rewards.

I’ve bootstrapped Shaga with 100k usdc so far and without access to my stake I’m officially broke. I’ve not yet gotten any salary from Shaga and I’m asking if you could please support me, a builder who’s stuck around during solana’s darkest FTX hours, by allowing me at least to access staking rewards, as it would be life saving for me and for my family (my mom’s been unenmployed since the 2011 European Financial Crisis, one of the reasons of my involvment in the crypto industry)

What do you propose:

I propose that a single clause to the delegation strategy, related only to stake associated with my wallet, is delegated entirely to Brian Long’s Validator, as I’ve already been in contact with him and that would allow me to access staking rewards every epoch in the form of USDC.

What is the rationale behind the proposal?

The reason I chose to stake with Marinade Native instead of keeping mSOL was because of the removed smart-contract risk, but I would’ve never imagined to get into a situation like this.

I believe, after proving the origin of funds (my binance account), this mechanism would be useful in the future for recovery mechanisms for other Marinade Native stakers. There wouldn’t be any transfer involved, I’m only asking for delegation of stake.

I’m open to doing KYC, sharing anything that would help this proposal pass.
I am aware of being an idiot but I hope you can understand my situation and help me access the staking rewards through the delegation key that’s in control of the DAO.

Kindly waiting for comments and suggestions on how to properly formulate this proposal,