DAO proposal - Unlock a 25M MNDE budget for Marinade Earn - Season 3

As we gear up for Season 3 of Marinade Earn, I propose a strategic move to unlock an additional 25M MNDE from our treasury. This infusion of tokens will fortify our ability to incentivize participation and drive growth across the platform.

Here’s a brief overview of the proposal:


  • Strengthen the incentive structure to attract and retain users, ultimately driving higher TVL and community engagement.

Next Steps:

  • Upon approval, the unlocked MNDE will be allocated strategically to Season 3 mSOL and native staking initiatives.

“allocated strategically” - do you have any feedback about season 1 or 2? Things to do same or differently?

Season 2 introduced the Governors (locked MNDE holders who directed stake) and Validator bonuses.


Would like to see a more detailed explanation around why you think this would be good for Marinade.


I would be keen to see/hear more details on how this could be achieved, certainly open to the idea loosly proposed.

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