[Working Proposal] Grow mSOL TVL with a Meteora LM Program

That way of thinking makes sense, so Marinade can scrap the gauges and Open Door and just give out MNDE for liquidity mining to meteora and anyone else who asks. If that happens then the request is perfectly reasonable.

If I remember correctly, Meteora did announce their participation in the Open Doors program, but maybe the timing of MNDE unlocks from the program doesn’t perfectly align with the timeline that @benchow has in mind here.

Will leave it to him to clarify why he believes that a grant request and/or “bootstrapping incentives” are more appropriate, but I do think that this could be a mutually beneficial relationship for mDAO.

It’s pretty simple. We have not launched our MET token yet. In order to attract deposits, LM incentives need to be provided. We started this proposal to see if Marinade would be interested in providing the incentives if we built a mechanism to correlate incentives to new mSOL growth.

Hello Ben,

After internal discussion and reviewing the community sentiment here, the team decided that it didn’t make sense for Marinade DAO to incentivize another mSOL-SOL pool.

Thank you for opening this discussion and answering the community here. If Meteora releases other mSOL or MNDE usecases, feel free to open another forum post to discuss them.