[Proposal] Launch 160M MNDE “Open Doors” TVL Program

Greetings, Chefs!

This is Icy from Francium. Happy to confirm Francium’s participation in the Open Doors program.

Looking forward to seeing mSOL grow!


Gm, mst from tulip.garden.

Confirming Tulip’s participation in the Open Doors program.

:heart: :tulip:


Orca would like to confirm it’s participation in the Open Doors program!


GM fellow chefs!

Ronny here, from SunriseStake.com. that allows you to stake SOL and help grow more trees. When you stake your SOL for gSOL, it is deposited into Marinade to earn yield. This yield is used to support nature + climate positive projects.

Confirming Sunrise’s participation in the Open Doors Program.

Excited to contribute to mSOL adaption!


Lifinity confirms its participation in the Open Doors Program :saluting_face:


Hi, Meteora (previously Mercurial) would like to participate in the Open Doors program.



really interesting to hear who will be eligible for this TVL program (40m net SOL staked), cause, i think, it will boost greatly net flow of SOL to the Marinade Protocol. Moreover, increasing the SOL TVL itself by locking it in the LPs around here. But the long distribution method of the MNDE reward i like the most

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we’re going to participate in this at mrgn

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awesome, by “mrgn” u mean Marinade?

marginfi – solana’s new borrow-lend protocol :slight_smile:

i thought this program is implemented only on Marinade Finance, as it was referred to it in the proposal, but still interesting if other platforms will share it as well

Hawksight will be participating


Howdy, Chefs!

This is cobra from cypher. Happy to confirm cypher’s participation in the Open Doors program.

Cypher enables margin trading and borrow/lending of mSOL, as well as support mSOL deposits as collateral! https://app.cypher.trade

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Hell Folks - This is Ata from PsyFi. Posting on this thread to confirm we have launched a mSOL borrow / lend market on PsyLend and are participating in the open doors program. PsyLend is a lending protocol aimed at brining additional capital efficiency for vault products.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve put enabled $PSY Call Option liquidity mining rewards on the borrow side of the mSOL as well.

Check it out at PsyFinance | Put your crypto to work. and do let us know your feedback!

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hey nope repping solend here. just posting to confirm participation for the opendoor program now.

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After 2 months, the first payout of the Open doors program has been sent.
Because the TVL between February 1st and March 31st only grew by 20,734 mSOL, the maximum amount of MNDE that can be distributed over this phase is: (20,734*4)/6 = 13822.6666667 MNDE

Those 13822 MNDE have been sent to 16 participants with a positive mSOL growth over the 2-month average! The protocols or partners having a negative average delta between their starting balance and March 31st are considered null. You’ll find below the details:

Partner - Average TVL delta - MNDE to receive

Francium - +2177 mSOL - 238.65 MNDE 
Hawksight - +79 mSOL - 8.66 MNDE
Hubble - +5028 mSOL - 551.2 MNDE
Kamino - +15665 mSOL - 1717.28 MNDE
Lfinity - +1404 mSOL - 153.91 MNDE
Meteora - +787 mSOL - 86.27 MNDE
Mrgn - +9076 mSOL - 994.96 MNDE
PoolParty - +101 mSOL - 11.07 MNDE
PsyLend - +119 mSOL - 13.05 MNDE
Rain.fi - +3 mSOL - 0.33 MNDE
Raydium - +3903 mSOL - 427.87 MNDE
Sunrise - +36 mSOL - 3.95 MNDE
Tulip - +181 mSOL - 19.84 MNDE

Sonar -  +447 mSOL - 49 MNDE
Squads - +5430 mSOL - 595.26 MNDE
Socrates - +236 mSOL - 25.87 MNDE
Solflare -  +79229 mSOL - 8685.49 MNDE 

Thank you, everyone, for participating, we saw numerous mSOL use-cases appear during the last 2 months and it’s the path forward to revive DeFi together!


Hey, this is juju representing Drift Protocol. Drift will be participating in the Open Doors program.


This is Eric from LP Finance. We are confirming to participate in the Open Doors program!

Check out our app on https://app.lp.finance!