[Proposal] Launch 160M MNDE “Open Doors” TVL Program

Seems like this conflates a few separate things:

  • On the referral program, the referrer can choose the commission to add, and it’s not related to MNDE nor holding periods;
  • This is distinct from the current liquidity mining program, or whatever new version we end up settling on;
  • There isn’t a 16% increase over any current value - as described, it would assign 16% of the token supply for this kind of rewards (I expect coming out of the 35% assigned for DAO Distribution, although that isn’t stated).

Does that clear things up?

It seems that the “Open Doors” TVL program is biased slightly towards single-deposits of mSOL, such as on Friktion or Solend. These should be your main drivers under this program, as depositing mSOL/SOL liquidity or mSOL/USDC liquidity under these calculations will leave you at 50% efficiency (only referring for half of what your users deposited) and also increasing inefficiency as these mSOL liquidity mainly needs downward liquidity, not upwards.

As you pointed out, Solend’s mSOL deposits are at 3.1M, 45% of Marinade TVL and is slightly overstretched. It’s pretty difficult for Solend to take in more mSOL, but if it’s possible for Solend to take in more, it is easy to drive growth.


I think we should think about downwards liquidity, mSOL → SOL / USDC liquidity a bit more before embarking on this program. That seems to be the limiting factor for mSOL’s TVL growth, since protocols like Solend relies on this as a bottleneck.

A personal idea I have is we can change “liquidity gauges” to focus more on driving actual liquidity and having the Open Doors program come in later to drive TVL growth. Offense and defense. Since Open Doors program looks like a revamped liquidity program anyways.

This negatively impacts Solend (as Solend gets MNDE from liquidity gauges) but overall should be better to drive growth for both Solend/Marinade.


How to incentivize deeper mSOL/SOL liquidity?

Note: CLAMM makes so far fewer incentives are needed to ensure any given liquidity depth, especially for a stable pair like mSOL/SOL where people can concentrate extremely tight ranges.
Incentivizing Vault providers managing this range for them may be a good solution for many mSOL holders.

Hello folks,

We’d like to revive this conversation and move the topic forward. We have been discussing internally how to best go about tracking value locked, and are currently leaning towards there not being a “one size fits all” towards tracking.

I currently see four major areas:

  1. Keep at protocol vault;
  2. Hold on your own wallet;
  3. Validators using liquid self-stake;
  4. Referrals from projects without vaults.

Case 1 is easy enough to track: we can check how much TVL is there on a vault during a month, and reward the protocol based on that. It would be up to the protocol to decide if to keep or distribute to its users (the latter would effectively act as extra liquidity incentive rewards).

Case 2 & 3 require more active tracking, and they are something that we likely won’t have ready on day 1 without delaying the launch.

We are unsure how to handle or track case 4, as it seems to be a more fragmented version of 2. This one will likely require more design, or simply the project using a referral code and then requesting a grant from the DAO.

The initial proposal suggests providing rewards for the next 12 months of the program running. A current approach to launch this and then adapt the program as we go would be to modify the terms so that:

  • We have a rolling launch across 3 months, likely launching with only one tracking mechanism and others coming in those months;
  • Stakers will get rewarded for the TVL provided during the 12 months from the launch of the program covering their case;
  • Marinade may decide to implement some other tracking approaches during this rolling launch, as there may be other cases we haven’t considered, and we’d like to avoid having to design this in the abstract;
  • The team may also find that it cannot implement the tracking necessary for one of these in the time required, so one of these cases maybe out - I’m listing them only as some of the possible paths to pursue.

This should provide us with the flexibility necessary to adapt as we launch the program to ensure we bring in a diverse group of ecosystem participants.


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Folks, if there aren’t any new comments, we’ll likely send this onchain over the weekend. Thanks!

The proposal is now active: Tribeca - Solana Governance By DAOs, For DAOs

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Marinade will shortly be moving forward with the Open Doors program.

If you’re planning on participating, please answer this forum post with the name of your protocol and a confirmation that you want to be included in it.

Please also provide a RPC call or an API that Marinade can use to monitor your mSOL TVL. Feel free to add it there or contact me on Discord or Telegram.

Hello Chefs, I’m a core contributor to Raydium. Raydium is looking forward to participating in the program.

Incidentally, I have remarks regarding the periodicity of the emissions. I understood from the previous chat that it would be done by semester or quarter. While this is probably easier for you, I suggest doing it monthly or at least every two months to allow protocols that are distributing the mnde to actually reward LPs.


Hello everyone,

We have finalized the terms and they are available on this one-pager.
We’ll now collect the participation confirmations here as well as the ways to track mSOL TVL for protocols, and the program will officially launch on February, 1st!

Excited to get that going :slight_smile:


Greetings, Chefs!

Happy to try this out and participate in the open doors program with the party crew over at Pool Party! https://joinpoolparty.io/

We launched a SOL pool, using mSOL in the backend. More about this here https://twitter.com/joinpoolpartyio/status/1617882614140121098?


Greetings, Chefs!

This is Gabriel from Port. We want to confirm our participation in the Open Doors program.

We are excited to contribute more to the mSOL ecosystem!


Hi everyone!

This is Kevin from Jet Protocol reporting in. I am happy to confirm Jet’s participation in the Open Doors program.

Looking forward to watching this develop further!


Hey all, I’m representing both Hubble and Kamino

Hubble: http://hubbleprotocol.io/ - mSOL to be used as collateral to mint USDH
Kamino: https://kamino.finance/ - mSOL deposits to be used in Kamino yield strategies

Looking forward to particpating!


Gm, Mara from Rain.fi, here to confirm our participation in the Open Doors program :slight_smile:
We’re the first lending protocol facilItate loans on mSOL!


Greetings, Chefs!

This is Icy from Francium. Happy to confirm Francium’s participation in the Open Doors program.

Looking forward to seeing mSOL grow!


Gm, mst from tulip.garden.

Confirming Tulip’s participation in the Open Doors program.

:heart: :tulip:


Orca would like to confirm it’s participation in the Open Doors program!


GM fellow chefs!

Ronny here, from SunriseStake.com. that allows you to stake SOL and help grow more trees. When you stake your SOL for gSOL, it is deposited into Marinade to earn yield. This yield is used to support nature + climate positive projects.

Confirming Sunrise’s participation in the Open Doors Program.

Excited to contribute to mSOL adaption!


Lifinity confirms its participation in the Open Doors Program :saluting_face:


Hi, Meteora (previously Mercurial) would like to participate in the Open Doors program.