Need support, I don't know where else to go for help

Sorry, didn’t want to create a topic for this, but I need support and there’s nowhere to ask a question because in Discord I see no open channels of communication with the community and/or devs… there are only information channels. What am I missing? My problem is I keep getting error messages when I try to stake my SOL. Another thing is that I don’t see anywhere to stake mSOL for MNDE rewards, as suggested in the cookbook. Thank you in advance. And please if someone could point me to where it’s more appropriate to ask questions like these.

Hello, the best place for those questions would be directly on Marinade’s Discord. If this hasn’t been resolved, can you reach out to Marinade either through Discord or through a Twitter DM so the issue you run into can be checked?

Regarding your second question, liquidity incentives were stopped by the DAO and a new incentive campaign recently voted will take place soon, I invite you to follow the announcements either in Discord or Twitter to not miss anything.

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Hi, I appreciate your helpful response! I got my issue resolved via chat on the main site, plus got access to the Discord support channel. Appreciate you guys, thank you!

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