Growth dashboard grant suggestion / bounty

Hi! Is the dashboard out yet, curious to check it out!

Hi! Yes, the dashboard has been published and shared with Marinade. Currently I’m waiting for feedback and then it will be shared here as well.


The Growth Dashboard built on FlipsideCrypto can be accessed here: Flipside Crypto

Three user-defined parameters are being used to select and display the data. Information on the accepted inputs for each is highlighted at the top of the page:

  • date_trunc = Controls the time granularity of the aggregated metrics.
  • start_date and end_date = Control the time limits of the queried data.
    Once modified, the Apply All Parameters button must be pressed.

The body of the dashboard spans over 4 sections, in accordance with the list of requirements:

  1. Solana Staking Growth
  2. Whale Staking Wallets
  3. Stake Pools: Marinade & Lido
  4. Swap Activity: mSOL & stSOL

Before being posted here, it went through a process of review, feedback and revision with the grant requestor.


Great stuff, thanks @k2rbpz! I can confirm we’ve gone over it and that @k2rbpz has gone above and beyond (we are still fiddling with a few things even now!).