Growth dashboard grant suggestion / bounty

Hey folks,

Now that we have a full Grant Committee, I’d like to throw out a bounty request that we can fulfill as a grant.

I’ve been meaning to build a Growth Dashboard but have not had the time. The first stage would be to create a dashboard which shows us:

  • List of addresses that have staked > 10K SOL, and who have they staked it to;
  • List of validators used by the top 10 stakers (excluding the Solana foundation);
  • stSOL flow behavior (is market cap growing? Are people trading out of stSOL?);
  • Growth Accounting, showing for a period
    • Stake at the start
    • Newly staked SOL
    • Unstaked SOL
    • Stake at end
    • Net Change
  • Whale activity log, showing:
    • Wallets with > 1K SOL,
    • Which have staked or unstaked with Marinade,
    • And their DeFi interactions
  • Whale interactions should filter out protocols (such as Marinade)

If we could toggle these queries per user group (defined by stake amount), it would help us see at a glance which groups are driving growth.

Most (or all) of this data can be obtained from Flipside. We can provide some queries that can help as a starting point (partially for Growth Accounting and DeFi interactions).

The ideal approach is to create it as an updateable Flipside dashboard. That would fulfill the requirement of it being something that can live independent of the grantee, and allow Marinade to expand on it in and its queries the future.

@Chief_Standing_Wolf had suggested helping with queries before, and we’ve had a couple exchanges on the topic, so pinging him in case he’s interested in picking it up.


Cool idea, sounds like something I could do. However I wonder how these things will work? Do people compete and do all the work, and then you chose one who gets the grant? Also, that ping seems like you’v already picked a nominee.

Hi Octo,

We are figuring things out as we go. That’s more a question for the grant committee, so pinging @btuck @luciotato and @dobby.

@Chief_Standing_Wolf had proposed to take over data work on a past thread, which is why I pinged him here. Happy to read that you’re interested as well, as I expect we have more of this kind of work than we have time internally!

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I certainly wouldn’t want someone to do all this work and get no compensation because someone else did it and turned it in moments earlier. I would rather assign the bounty to someone with a checklist of deliverables and timeline, and then pay out when these deliverables have been met with satisfaction according to the committee.

If they failed to meet the deadline Marinade would then have the option to assign it to someone else.


Hi, very interested in completing this!

I’m proposing a 3 week due date or less upon the approval of this grant. I anticipate 35+hrs of upfront work (some of these tasks appear straight forward, while others may have some unexpected roadblocks). Also, I’m happy to maintain & update the dashboards in the future.

I was looking for 25,000 MNDE ($1900 in todays prices). I’m open to feedback on this or other ideas generally that may be helpful.

For a bit of background:

Notable contributions:

Goverance. I’ve provided forthright input towards protocol initiatives regarding demand and supply side events (namely MNDE token lockups & validator gauge weight increases). These initiatives sought to advance MNDE value accrual mechanisms with a mandate to generate validator commitment and growth of the protocol. Additionally, I’ve dedicated time staying active and forward thinking in an occasionally un-hospitable environment for active contributions.

Thanks and happy to answer any questions,


@luciotato @dobby


Yes, basically multiple people can apply to this with their intent, proof of work, and Marinade can choose who to go ahead with the grant. There can be arguments for what if marinade plays favourites in the future but thats where the applications and their efforts come in.

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For reference, this is a dashboard I’ve completed.

@PlayerOfBits, would you mind clarifying what you mean by this?

Whale interactions should filter out protocols (such as Marinade)

If we could toggle these queries per user group (defined by stake amount), it would help us see at a glance which groups are driving growth.

Ya I do this (display mSOL changes) by wallets with < 10 mSOL ; < m100 SOL ; < m1000 SOL
Furthermore, I’d look at demographics and observe the ratio staked SOL in wallet / Total SOL in wallet.

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If you get whales based on net stake, it’ll return protocols such as Lido and Marinade. I don’t believe Marinade’s staking contract interacts with DeFi protocols directly, but I can’t say if that’s the case for every liquid staking pool out there (some could be calling Jupiter directly, for all I know).

It’d be ideal to get the addresses identifying the top liquid staking protocols and excluding them from the query, to avoid those polluting the DeFi interactions.

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Gotcha. Makes sense now.

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Love the enthusiasm from @Chief_Standing_Wolf and love the suggestion from @spleen here!

I think this approach will yield the best possible outcome for Marinade.


Do I understand it correctly that the UI/frontend shall be built using Flipboard, too?

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I could be persuaded otherwise, but I would currently prefer it - it would make it easier to build upon the queries, fork them, etc.

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Fair enough, was just curious, otherwise I would have considered offering my service for the frontend part.

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Hey, I’m here just to raise my hand as willing to put together the Growth Dashboard.

All of the items on the list really seem like they should be available through FlipsideCrypto which is great because that way an updateable fs dashboard can be indeed put together. Furthermore, this allows for certain aspects (such as whale thresholds or the user group toggle) to be easily adjusted by the user.

One aspect not clear to me (although it might be a little silly) is whether the dashboard is about all of the staked SOL, directly or through a staking service, or whether this should be limited to the SOL staked through Marinade.

I’m also curious to know more about the budget and timeline for this so I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have in mind for this.

Meanwhile, a few things about me:

  1. You can find me on Twitter @k2rbpz (Reference or shameless plug? You decide.)
  2. I create (mostly) Flipside dashboards and then publish reports based off them on my mirror page, so you can find my most recent work there: k2rbpz
  1. I’m limited to 2 links per post as a new user but to save you some time digging through, here are two dashboard examples:

Agreed. Gonna start running through some queries today.

Just adding this to my notes. Differentiate between Liquidate Self Stake and & Stake governable by validator gauges.

@k2rbpz perhaps you can estimate the number of hours it would take you to complete a dashboard like this and then let us know how much MNDE you would ask for based on the amount of hours required to do the work. Similar to what Chief has done above:

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Yea, absolutely.

I think @Chief_Standing_Wolf is right about the number of hours (more or less 35 hrs) needed to put this together with all its components and toggles as per the requirements. As for the actual timeline, it can be done in one week with a few extra days only if revisions are needed and if communication is not too quick due to its asynchronous nature.

Given the recent price action I believe it is hard to price this in MNDE and still get a good sense of what the grant will actually be worth by the time it is being paid. But since I’ve already been red-pilled to think in SOL, I’ll ask for 70 SOL which at the current price is worth $2200 or 9500 MNDE.

I understand both the preference and the necessity for this to be paid out in MNDE but I hope we can find a system where the grant receiver will not be subject to extreme price movement by the time things are concluded.


Hi @k2rbpz The Grant committee would like to give you the opportunity to complete this bounty for the grant indicated above of 9500 MNDE based on your portfolio. I will open up comms in a channel in Discord with @PlayerOfBits and the committee to iron out details and collab further.

@Chief_Standing_Wolf many thanks for your offer and we will keep you in mind for future projects.

Thanks to everyone else for chiming in here.

cc @luciotato @dobby